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Field Labeling

Are you in the market for reliable and fast fire door field labeling services for your commercial facilities? Look no further! We offer quick and efficient turnarounds to ensure your product is approved in no time.

Integrity Compliance Services Inspects and Labels Fire Doors.

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Integrity Compliance Services: Your local “provider” and One-Stop Shop for Fire Door Inspections and Labeling. Fire door and frame labeling is a critical component in keeping your fire protective openings secure and compliant for public and home use. With QAI authorized personnel on staff, Integrity Compliance Services (ICS) can evaluate and label compliant fire protective openings and hardware in the field under the auspices of QAI's accreditations.

It's essential that doors and frames have visible labels, as required by NFPA 80. However, many door assemblies have labels that are painted over, damaged, or missing, which is often noticed by the Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs). To ensure that your fire protective openings are safe, AHJs will require that you address such deficiencies quickly.

In addition to doors and frames, we can also label fire exit hardware and protection plates. Each label is visibly placed by one of our QAI authorized personnel field labeling technicians.

Integrity Compliance Services (ICS) is an authorized agent that evaluates products for compliance and certification with relevant standards. ICS can inspect and relabel openings to meet the requirements of applicable test standards and building codes, and label fire-rated door assemblies to the appropriate rating for consumer and AHJ confidence.

Field Labeling, Fire Doors, Inspections

Service Overview

  • Evaluation of the protective opening and surrounding wall assembly.

  • Apply the QAI Field Label to components where the opening meets NFPA 80 requirements.

  • Issue written report which includes opening data sheet.

Our expertise and understanding of Fire-Rated door assembly enables us to prioritize execution and service. This means that you can have your door assemblies re-qualified effortlessly and without any complications.

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